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Thermistors, a.k.a. Tempco Resistors

Magic Smoke has the tempcos you need for the Mankato Filter and other DIY analog synth and electronics projects.

Now shipping

1K SMT Tempco Resistor
Sold in pairs only, $1.90/pair
Use two in series to create a 2K Tempco.

2K Thru-Hole Tempco Resistor
Specifications: 2K ohm, 1/4 Watt, 2% tolerance, 3500 ppm
1, $1.90
2 to 5, $1.80 each
6 to 10, $1.70 each
11 or more, $1.60 each

Tempco Shipping and Handling
Destination Quantity
1 to 10 More than 10
US / Canada $1.50 Quote
EU / UK / Aus $4.50 Quote
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Shipping on Tempcos is free when ordered with a PCB.

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